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    Course Content

    The teacher covers the entire syllabus

    The teacher discusses topics in detail

    The teacher possesses deep knowledge of the subject taught

    The teacher communicates clearly

    The teacher uses modern teaching aids/gadgets, handouts, suggestion of references, PPT, web-resources (Any other)

    Teaching – Learning Process

    The teacher is punctual and regular to the class

    Is the topic conceptually cleared by the teacher and understood by the student

    The teacher comes fully prepared for the class

    The teacher provides guidance counselling in academic and non-academic matters in/out side the class

    The teacher pays attention to academically weaker students as well

    The teacher encourages participation and discussion in class (Teacher-Student, Student-Student)

    Teacher's Morality, Ethics and Professionalism

    Evaluation Process

    Periodical assessments were conducted as per schedule

    The teacher uses methods of evaluation like Quiz, Seminars, Assignments, Class Tests,etc

    Question paper covers all the topics in the Curriculum

    The teacher was fair and unbiased in the evaluation Process

    Overall Rating of the Teacher : In my view the teacher has professional competence and is a role model

    Laboratory Interactions

    Regular checking of laboratory records

    Availability of teacher and lab technician in the laboratory for whole duration of laboratory hours

    Helping the students in conducting experiments through set of instructions or demonstrations

    Helps students in exploring the area of study involved in the experiment

    Follows open ended approach for conducting the experiments