Notice Board

Date Subject Action
06.11.2023 Minutes of the meeting View/Download
06.11.2023 Notice no 54 1st sem internal assessment View/Download
19.10.2023 Notice no 53 Durga Puja View/Download
19.09.2023 Notice no 45 Nuakhai View/Download
17.09.2023 Notice no 44 Ganesh Puja  & Biswakarma Puja View/Download
05.09.2023 Notice no 43 Janmastami View/Download
04.09.2023 Notice no 42 5th sem Ex-regular 2023 (s) Admit card distribute View/Download
02.09.2023 Notice no 41 Induction program View/Download
23.08.2023 Notice no 39 Chandrayaan-3 landing on the moon broadcasted live View/Download
09.08.2023 Notice no 35  students of 3rd & 5th sem 2023 (w) attend regualry class to avoid attendance View/Download
05.08.2023 Notice no 34 Special examination for 5th sem (Ex-regular ) View/Download
03.08.2023 Minutes of the meeting View/Download
31.07.2023 Notice no 33 Discontinue students 3rd & 5th sem 2023 (w) Re-admission View/Download
28.07.2023 Notice no 32 Moharrum View/Download
05.07.2023 Notice no 31 2nd sem 2023(s) Admit card distribute View/Download
28.06.2023 Notice no 29 ID-UI-Zuha View/Download
19.06.2023 Notice no 27  Rath Yatra View/Download
13.06.2023 Minutes of meeting View/Download
13.06.2023 Notice no 26 Raja Festival View/Download
07.06.2023 Notice no 24  4th sem application submit application to stay hostel View/Download
29.05.2023 Notice no 22 4th & 6th sem 2023(s) Admit card distribute View/Download
15.05.2023 Minutes of meeting View/Download
12.05.2023 Notice no 20 Internal Assessment Examination 2023 (s) View/Download
04.05.2023 Notice no 19 Buddha Purnima View/Download
13.04.2023 Notice no 17 View/Download
13.04.2023 Notice no 16 View/Download
12.04.2023 Notice no 15 View/Download
11.04.2023  Notice no 14 Parents Teacher Meet View/Download
08.04.2023 Minutes of meeting View/Download
06.04.2023 Notice no 13 Good friday View/Download
06.03.2023 Notice no 12 Dola Purnima & Holi View/Download
28.02.2023 Notice no 11 View/Download
17.02.2023 Notice no 08 maha SivaRatri View/Download
13.02.2023 Notice no 07 View/Download
10.02.2023 Notice no 06 View/Download
10.02.2023 Notice no 05 2nd, 4th & 6th Sem Re-Admission View/Download
10.02.2023 Minutes of meeting View/Download
.01.02.2023 Notice no 04 3rd & 5th 2022 (w) Admit card Distribute View/Download
25.01.2023 Notice no 02 Republic day View/Download
13.01.2023 Notice no 01 Makar Sankranti View/Download
11.01.2023 Minutes of meeting View/Download
06.01.2023 Examination Notice  5th Semester View/Download
06.01.2023 Examination Notice 3rd Semester View/Download
06.01.2023 Notice no – 67 Parents Teacher Meet View/Download
06.01.2023 Notice no – 66 1st sem students Internal Assessment examination 2022(W) View/Download
02.01.2023 Notice no – 65 Form fill up of 1st Semester Regular & Ex-Regular Students 2022 (W) View/Download
16.12.2022 Notice no – 64 Form fill up of 3rd & 5th Semester Ex-regular and Regular students View/Download
10.12.2022 Notice no – 63 Annual sports 10.12.2022 to 21.12.2022 View/Download
24.11.22 Notice no 62 24.11.22 – form fill up of 3rd & 5th Semester 2022 (w).jpg View/Download
24.11.22 Notice no 61 24.11.22- internal Assessment examination 2022(w) of 3rd & 5th Sem 2022(W).jpg View/Download
24.11.22 Notice no 60 24.11.22 – form fill up of 3rd & 5th Semester 2022 (w).jpg View/Download
15.11.2022 Notice no-59 dated-15.11.2022-Institute shall be closed on dt-16.11.2022 occasion of Prathamastami.jpg View/Download
11.11.2022 Notice no-58 dated-11.11.2022-Orientation cum induction program-2022 on dt-13.11.2022.jpg View/Download
07.11.2022 Notice no-57 dated-07.11.2022-Institute shall be closed dt-08.11.2022 occasion of RASA PURNIMA.jpg View/Download
01-11-2022 Minutes of meeting View/Download
26-10-2022 Branch wise Vacancy ( Lateral Entry) Admission 2022-23 View/Download
22.10.2022 Notice no-56 dated-22.10.2022-Institute closed for Diwali & Solar Eclipse from dt-24.10.2022 & 25.10.2022.jpg View/Download
01.10.2022 Notice no-55 dated-01.10.2022-Institute shall be closed from dt-03.10.2022 to 08.10.2022 occasion of DURGA PUJA.jpg View/Download
20-Sep-2022 Vacancy Seat Matrix For Spot Admission -2022 View/Download
16.09.2022 Notice no-54 dated-16.09.2022-Regarding Lord Biswakarma Puja on dt-17.09.2022 (1).jpg View/Download
12-Sep-2022 Notice-53 dated-12.09.2022-3rd & 5th Sem 2022(W) classes started from 15th Sept 2022 View/Download
09-Sep-2022 Notice-52 dated-08.09.2022-Lateral pre-reporting date extended from 09.09.2022 and 10.09.2022 View/Download
06-Sep-2022 Notice-51 dated-06.09.2022-Pre-reporting cum document verification for SC and ST candidate View/Download
01-Sep-2022 Notice-50 dated-01.09.2022-readmission 2022(W) or year promotion in institute level View/Download
01-Sep-2022 Notice-49 dated-01.09.2022-discontinued students of 3rd & 5th Sem Re-admission to 2022(W) exam View/Download
01-Sep-2022 Notice-48 dated-01.09.2022-Pre-reporting of lateral entry students View/Download
30-August-2022 Notice-47 dated-30.08.2022-Foundation day and Lord Ganesh Puja on dt-31.08.2022 View/Download
22-August-2022 Notice-45 dated-22.08.2022-Hostel parents meeting on dated-28.08.2022 View/Download
19-August-2022 Notice -43 dated-17.08.22-On Campus drive Dhoot Transmission & TAFE Tractor on dt-19.08.2022 View/Download
17-August-2022 Notice-44 dated -17.08.2022- Institute closed for JANMASTAMI on dt-18.08.2022 View/Download
13-August-2022 Notice -42 dated-13.08.22-Independence Day celebration on dt-15.08.2022 View/Download
10-August-2022 Notice -41 dated-10.08.22-Institute closed Occasion of Jhulan Purnima on dt-11.08.2022 View/Download
08-August-2022 Notice -40 dated-08.08.22-Institute closed for Moharrum on dt-09.08.2022 View/Download
23-July-2022 Notice -40 dated-08.07.22-Practical examination of even semester 2022(S) from dt-15.07.2022 to 23.07.2022 View/Download
18-July-2022 Notice -39 dated-18.07.2022-Admit card distribution of 2nd,4th & 6th Sem 2022(S) exam View/Download
14-july-2022 Notice -38 dated-14.07.22-Internal Examiner for 2022(S) Practical exam. View/Download
01-july-2022 Notice -37 dated-30.06.22-Institute closed for Ratha Yatra on dt-01.07.2022 View/Download
01-July-2022 Notice-36 Regarding inspection of QCI team for Grading & Ranking of polytechnics View/Download
24-June-2022 Minutes of meeting-25-06-2022 -Review of Syllabus View/Download
14-june-2022 Notice -35 dated-13.06.22-Institute closed for Raja festival on dt-14.06.2022 to 16.06.2022 View/Download
28-may-2022 Notice -34 dated-28.05.22-Institute closed on dt-30.05.2022 for Sabitri Amabasya View/Download
26-May-2022 Notice -33 dated-26.05.22-Internal examination of 2nd sem 2022(S) View/Download
25-May-2022 Minutes of meeting-26-05-2021 -Review of Syllabus View/Download
23-May-2022 Notice -32 dated-23.05.22-Form fill-up of even semester 2022(S) View/Download
19-May-2022 Minutes of Syllabus Review Meeting View/Download
19-May-2022 Notice-31 Internal Assessment Test Schedule of 4th and 6th Semester Summer 2022 View/Download
18-May-2022 Minutes of meeting-19-05-2022 -Review of Syllabus View/Download
13-may-2022 Notice-29 Regarding Parent Teacher Meeting on 14.05.2022 Vizew/Download
09-May-2022 Lession Plan of 6th Semester Civil Engg. Concrete Technology by Sadeqa Khatun View/Download
09-May-2022 Lession Plan of 4th Semester Civil Engg. Structural Design-I by Sadeqa Khatun View/Download
4-May-2022 Notice-28 Regarding class timing 7.30AM to 1.30PM View/Download
28-April-2022 Minutes of meeting-29-04-2022 -Review of Syllabus View/Download
07-April-2022 Regarding inspection of QCI team for Grading & Ranking of polytechnics View/Download
04-April-2022 Time table of current session – 2022-2023 View/Download
31-March-2022 Notice-21 Regarding Holiday of Utkal Dibas View/Download
31-March-2022 Minutes of meeting View/Download
17-March-2022 Notice-20 Regarding holiday of Dola Purnima & Holi View/Download
16-Nov-2021 Minutes of meeting View/Download
25-Oct-2021 Minutes of meeting View/Download