Mechanical E-notes


Sl no Branch Semester Name Of Subjects E-learning note
40 Mechanical Branch 1st Semester ENGINEERING MECHANICS 2023(w) PDF
39 Mechanical Branch 1st Semester ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS-l  2023(w) PDF
38 Mechanical Branch 1st Semester COMUNICATIVE ENGLISH  2023(w) PDF
37 Mechanical Branch 1st Semester ENGINEERING PHYSICS  2023(w) PDF
36  Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester ENVIROMNENTAL STUDIES   2023(w) PDF
35  Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester THERMANAL ENGINEERING -l  2023(w) PDF
34  Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester ENGINEERING MATERIAL   2023(w) PDF
33  Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester STRENGTH OF MATERIAL  2023 (W) PDF
32  Mechanical Branch  3rd Semester PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY NOTES 2023(w) PDF
31  Mechanical Branch  5th Semester REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING  2023(w) PDF
30  Mechanical Branch  5th Semester MECHATRONICS   2023 (w) PDF
29  Mechanical Branch  5th Semester HYDRAULIC MACHINE & INDUSTRIAL FLUID POWER 2023(w) PDF
28  Mechanical Branch  5th Semester DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS 2023 (w) PDF
27  Mechanical Branch  5th Semester  EM & ST  (2023 ) PDF
26  Mechanical Branch  6th Semester ADVANCE MANUFACTURING PROCESS 2023 (s) PDF
25  Mechanical Branch  6th Semester POWER STATION ENGG. 2023 (s) PDF
24  Mechanical Branch  6th Semester AUTOMOBILE ENGG. 2023 (s) PDF
23  Mechanical Branch  6th Semester INDUSTRIAL ENGG. & MANAGEMENT 2023 (s) PDF
22  Mechanical Branch  4th Semester THERMAL ENGG.-ll 2023 (s) PDF
21  Mechanical Branch  4th Semester FLUID MECHANICS 2023 (s) PDF
20  Mechanical Branch  4th Semester MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 2023 (s) PDF
19  Mechanical Branch  4th Semester TOM NOTE  TH-l 2023 (s) PDF
18  Mechanical Branch  3rd Semester  THERMAL ENGINNERING-1  2022 (w) PDF
17  Mechanical Branch  3rd Semester STRENGTH OF MATERIAL   2022 (w) PDF
16 Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES 2022 (w) PDF
16 Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester ENGINNERING MATERIALS  2022 (w) PDF
15 Mechanical Branch 3rd Semester PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY   2022 (w) PDF
14 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENT 2022 (w) PDF
13 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester REFRIGERATION AND AIR
12 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester MECHATRONICS 2022 (w) PDF
11 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester HM_IFP NOTES 2022 (w) PDF
10 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester EM & ST 2022 (w) PDF
09 Mechanical Branch 4th Semester FLUID MECHANICS(FM).pdf PDF
08 Mechanical Branch 4th Semester Theory Of Machines(TOM).pdf PDF
07 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester EM&ST notes.pdf PDF
06 Mechanical Branch 4th Semester Manufacturing Technology (MFT).pdf PDF
05 Mechanical Branch 4th Semester Thermal Engineering-II(TH-2) NOTES.pdf PDF
04 Mechanical Branch 6th Semester Industrial Engg. & Management(IE&M).pdf PDF
03 Mechanical Branch 6th Semester Power Station Engineering(PSE).pdf PDF
02 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester Refrigeration & Air Conditiong(R&AC).pdf PDF
01 Mechanical Branch 5th Semester Hydraulic Machine & Industrial Fluid Power(HM&IFP) PDF