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    Please rank from 1 to 5 (Lowest: 1, Highest: 5) the following reasons for choosing KNP Jajpur for your ward:

    Reputed for Quality Education

    Better possibilities for recruitment

    Low fee structure


    Campus Discipline

    Please mark in the column of the best option (as per your experience) for each of the statements given in the table below:

    Admission Process is quite transparent

    Prospectus is informative

    Campus discipline is appropriate

    Security of students is ensured in the

    Infrastructure, water and sanitation facilities

    Administrative staff is cooperative and supportive

    Teaching staff is co-operative and supportive

    Course curriculum is well structured and up to date

    Quality of teaching-learning is up to the mark

    I see positive behavioural change in my ward after taking admission in NKP Jajpur

    Curriculum is well diversified to inculcate value dimension and social sensitivity in my ward

    Focus on all round personality grooming of students

    Provisions for placement assistance

    Library and Book Bank facility

    Internet & Computer facility availability

    Availability of games-field

    Did your son/daughter get encouragement for participation in various co-curricular activities?(Seminar, Study tour, Guest Lecturer etc)

    Arrangement of PTM and Mentoring system

    Information on wards' attendance/performance

    Do you recommend KNP polytechnic, Jajpur as a polytechnic of your choice for admission to your siblings, friends, relatives?