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    Teaching / Non Teaching

    Nature of Employment


    Fair recruitment and selection process is followed

    Proper orientation for newly selected employees

    Administrative staff is cooperative and supportive

    Salary and other financial incentives are timely provided

    Staff benefit schemes information are timely available to the staff

    SCTE&VT By-laws are accessible to all staff

    Leave application rules are as per guidelines

    ID card and Library card issued well in time

    Working hours are properly defined

    Post retirement support services are up to the mark


    Infrastructure, water and sanitation facilities are up to the mark

    Campus discipline and security is appropriate

    Proper first-aid and other emergency services are available in the campus

    Photocopy/Printing/stationery facilities are available to the staff in the campus

    Canteen facility is available in the campus

    Regular power supply is available in the campus

    Proper Parking facility is available in the campus

    The laboratories are well-equipped and maintained

    ATM/Telephone facility is available in the campus

    Proper internet facility is available for staff in the campus

    Required working equipment and facilities are properly available to the staff

    sports and extra-curricular facilities are available for students in the campus

    Appropriate provisions are made for campus recruitment and placement assistance


    Proper distribution of work load

    Course curriculum is well structured and up to date

    Quality of teaching-learning is up to the mark

    Appropriate teaching aids are available in classes

    Teacher-student interaction is encouraged in the campus

    Examination system is appropriate and well defined

    Teaching staff is encouraged for research activities/publication of journals

    Teachers are encouraged to participate in conferences and seminars

    Sufficient number of workshop/seminar/conferences/FDP’s are organized for staff

    Curriculum satisfy the industry need

    Appropriate Mentoring system functioning

    Library Facilities

    All Required books are available in the library

    Library is well equipped with journals/e journals/software’s/database

    Library timings are suitable for staff

    Sufficient reading space is available for the staff

    Library staff is supportive and courteous with teaching staff

    Proper training provided to teaching staff for using e-resources